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Franz-Josef Pfreundt

Competence Center for HPC
Division Director
Kaiserslautern, Germany
I studied Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science and got a PhD in Mathematical Physics and helped to found the Fraunhofer ITWM in kaiserslautern/ Germany. Today I am leading the Competence Center for HPC.
In my group we developed the GPI programming model and the BeeGFS parallel file system. With GPI-Space we created a parallel execution and development framework that is used today to steer large scale big data applications and oil&gas processing workflows.
My ambition is to contribute highly scalable and high quality seismic imaging software to the O&G community and convince my colleagues that completely rewriting software with a new programming paradigm like GPI is worth the work.
With XtreemView we will publish soon a free fully scalable 3D viewer for large seismic data and could hopefully solve some of the existing visualization problems